Life is just a C program !

Remember when you were just a sperm, your mother was compiling you. (What da !! How can you remember that !! :D). Life started with a main() function where God passes you some arguments main(argc and char* argv ). These are your talents, so try to find yourself by calling these arguments in there correct scope. Before moving in random directions, define a definite algorithm for your life. Clearly define your Goal, and move on. Don’t try to re-invent the wheel and do what others have done before. Rather, #include all others’ experience and use them properly in your life. When you feel that you got stuck in a looping daily routine,  just have a break and resume structured executing. When you reach a success point, don’t stop. It’s easy access to the summit and it is difficult to stay there. So, continue to next points. Through your daily life, you will meet people, make friendships. Dynamically allocate a space to them with new *. Whenever you feel annoyed with someone, just delete him. Your life is more worthy to keep him, even in your memory. Often, make several plans to perform your tasks, if plan A isn’t good, use else to move to plan B. Sometimes, you feel loneliness. It’s not true, watch out there! Your friends are here interacting with you, consult them with a scanf() statement. Your program will not be used if it doesn’t provide a brilliant output by printf(). Try to provide something new to mankind. And remember that world don’t need duplicated copies of people, Be Different. You mustn’t end your life safely with a return 0 statement. Return a positive value to your society, this will make the difference. Enjoy your life by arranging your thoughts. If you didn’t begin yet, Hurry Up! All of that time is considered a waste running time. Finally, Dream as your program will remain for ever in executing, and live as it will be swapped out right now.

8 thoughts on “Life is just a C program !

  1. i like the idea (C++ describes life better), but unfortunately there is a logic mistake in the article.
    If you go to plan A with IF statement, you can’t move to plan B with ELSE. You have to move to another plan with another IF. (Can you understand my point ?).


    1. i got what you meant. but the case i mentioned is that i first check if plan A is applicable, i move on, rather i move to plan B with else. In both cases, we have to check before every step we make to choose the best between alternatives.
      thanks bro for your feedback 🙂


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