Do What You Love and Do It Often !

A few years ago, I watched a TV for Mr. Amr Khaled, the Islamic preacher. He was talking about life and how to determine your goals. Goals ?! A strange word to me at that time. What does it actually mean ?! Huh ! I watched the TV show again many times to understand it. I listened to some of his popular talks, that time. After that I had a STOP point and said: why am I here ?! what is that daily routine, going to school, coming from the school, studying, taking exams and finally I’m nearly free in my holiday. And the cycle repeats itself every year. I had to follow what Mr. Amr talked about in his shows, the one’s GOALS. I took a note and started writing down my thoughts. I believe that I’m not the best, but I can be different. I can be a change that I can see in my small society, not the whole world yet. I wrote down my BIG DREAM and wrote some goals. too many goals. Some of them I’ve achieved, some others I failed to achieve and others I don’t know even how to reach them!. But anyway, I have some goals. I believe that life worth fighting. So, be a stubborn fighter and don’t get down with the first obstacle you face.

I’m writing this post to share some thoughts. Now, I’m asking myself: Am really enjoying my life ?! Am I really interested in what I’m doing and what I’m working for ?! Am I walking in the right way to reach my goals ?! Too many questions with open answers not determined yet.
Nowadays, I can see a lot of people -some are friends- complaining of their life. They are criticizing everything around them. But they forgot to look at the mirror and see what they are living for.

My dear friend, let’s have a stop and get out of the life box. Let’s have a close look at ourselves and answer the question: Am I satisfied with my life, satisfied with what I’m doing and what I’m working for?! I think we really need this honest moment, when we can really make a change. One can’t change the world -or his small society- until he can change himself. So, Let’s put some steps to follow. I regularly do them to rank my progress to my goals.

– First: Stop complaining of the environment you live in. You can change it!
– Second: Stop criticizing others. Criticize yourself!
– Third: Stop saying: They did blablablabla. Say I usually do “…” to prevent others from affecting me negatively.
– Have stop points in your life and begin now! Get out of the crowded daily routine and plan for your life. Write down your goals and start working for them.
– Think about short-term goals and long-term goals. This is actually how you are drawing your life.
– If you are not enjoying doing something, just stop doing it! You are your own boss.
– Don’t be affected by others’ life or career negatively. You already have your own one which you can live the way you want.
– From time to time, repeat the steps and you feel a difference. You are monitoring your life, your progress. Adjust it to your special needs.
– The most important point is that you have to make sure that your relation with God is good. Doing the magic without the help of God will be a zero effort. Pray for God to help you.

The last thing is to remember that: This is Your Life, Do What You Love and Do it Often!

3 thoughts on “Do What You Love and Do It Often !

  1. Short notes but may change one’s life 🙂 , i still can hear Dr.Gaafar famous quote “الحياه مبادئ اصنع ميادئك تجد حياتك”. One of the quotes that changed my whole life.

    Nice blog.


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