They Changed My Life !!

The days pass, the months pass and years pass and every day we meet people. Everyday, we get new friendships and make new relationships. Some of them never leaves your mind. They really affects you. There are some people left me a great impression. They totally changed the way I live, the goal I’m working for and even they changed my way of thinking. And I should write my thanks for them for making ME.

Prof. Dr. Gaafar

“الحياة مبادئ .. ابحث عن مبدأك، تجد حياتك”…
You totally changed my way of thinking. Thank you you Dr Gaafar.
May Allah bless you.

Dr Alaa Abd El-Hakim

“من يطارد عصفورين .. يفقدهما”…
Thank you Dr Alaa for your continuous support for me.

Dr Yasser Farouk

“…, because the most basic requirement for learning is a WILL to do it”
Thank you Dr Yasser for your encouragement, I will do it.

I can’t end my post without mentioning my LOVELY FAMILY. I’m proud of all of you. I love you all. I’d like to thank you DADY. You made my dream, you made my whole life.

My Dad

… “you have a dream, you will achieve it”

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